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After a pregnancy of about 40 weeks you will give birth. During the period of 37 to 42 weeks, you can give birth under our supervision, provided your pregnancy has gone normally.

At home or at the hospital
If there are no special details, you can give birth at home, but if you prefer this, you can also give birth in hospital under our supervision. Sometimes you have a medical indication. You must then give birth in hospital. It could be because you lost too much blood in a previous delivery or you had a caesarean section. You already know this or we will tell you during pregnancy.

Birth Plan
During the pregnancy checkups, we take extensive time for you to prepare for the arrival of your baby. We also provide a lot of information so that you can read everything together at home. We also use a birth plan. This is something we offer you, but it is certainly not an obligation. In a birth plan you can state all your wishes regarding the birth. Think about the place where you will give birth, who will be there, how do you think you will cope with the contractions? These are just a few examples.

A birth plan is meant to be short and to the point. So 1 or 2 A4s. In addition, it is guiding. For example, it may be that you deviate from your birth plan during your birth, for example because lying on your side is not the right position for you. Then we will look together for what works better for you.

It is also possible that we deviate from the birth plan for medical reasons. Why… we will of course explain that to you. Because the health of mother and child is also the most important to us. We do appreciate that if you write a birth plan you indicate this to us. This way we can go into more detail during a pregnancy check-up.

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