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Centering Pregnancy Meetings

We organize Centering Pregnancy meetings with a lot of enthusiasm!

At Centering pregnancy we combine pregnancy controls, such as measuring blood pressure and listening to your heart, with extra time and attention for your pregnancy, delivery and motherhood. 

In a fun and interactive way, there is a lot of time and space to ask questions and share your concerns. Together we look for tips and solutions. This way you are better prepared for the arrival of your child. 

These meetings are 9 times during pregnancy, with an average of 10-12 pregnant women who are about as far pregnant as you are. These meetings are on Wednesday evening from 19.00-21.00. The partners are present at 2 meetings. The 10th and final meeting is after delivery with all the babies. 

Centering pregnancy often results in nice new friendships. 

The meetings are supervised by a permanent midwife and sonographer. There are no costs associated with centering pregnancy. 

What is Centering Pregnancy

  • Obstetric care with other pregnant women
  • Active involvement in care
  • Exchange support, knowledge and experience
  • Plenty of time for questions
  • More contact with your healthcare provider, so that we also get to know you better.
  • Better pregnancy and delivery outcomes
  • Be better prepared for motherhood
  • In the evening
  • A very good time

Would you like more information about Centering pregnancy? Check the website of Centering care: 

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