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Consult (having childeren)

Even if you are not pregnant, but you have a desire to have children, we at Verloskundigen Praktijk de Eedenburgh can be of service to you. You can then make an appointment for a preconception consultation. During such a consultation we ask about your medical history, it is important for us to know what your current lifestyle habits are (do you smoke, do you regularly use alcohol, medicines, drugs, do you or your partner work with chemicals) and we will find out whether congenital and / or hereditary disorders occur in both families.

By mapping this information, we can provide tailor-made advice on how you can adjust your lifestyle habits so that you can become pregnant as healthily as possible, increase your chance of pregnancy and whether you are eligible for further research into possible risk of hereditary disorders.

A healthy start to the pregnancy increases the chance of a healthy child!

If you want to make use of a preconception consultation, please contact us for an appointment via the telephone consultation hour. Clearly state that this is a preconception consultation.

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