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Consult child wish

Even if you are not pregnant, but you do want to have children, we at Midwifery Practice de Eedenburgh can already be of service to you. You can then make an appointment for a consultation to have a child, also known as a preconception consultation.

During such a consultation we ask about your medical history, it is important for us to know what your current living habits are (do you smoke, do you regularly use alcohol, medicines, drugs, do you or your partner work with chemical substances) and we will find out whether there are congenital and/or hereditary disorders in both of your families.

Tailored advice

Met het in kaart brengen van deze informatie kunnen we een advies op maat geven over hoe je je leefgewoontes kunt aanpassen. zodat:

  • je zo gezond mogelijk zwanger kunt worden
  • je kans op zwangerschap kunt vergroten
  • je misschien in aanmerking komt voor verdere onderzoeken naar de eventuele kans op erfelijke aandoeningen.

A healthy start to the pregnancy increases the chance of a healthy child!

If you want to make use of a preconception consultation, please contact us for an appointment via the telephone consultation hour or register via the website. Clearly state that this concerns a preconception consultation. A consultation like this is reimbursed by your health insurance.

Did you know that...

  • Are the organs of a baby formed early in the pregnancy? If you discover that you are pregnant, this process is already in full swing. That is why it is so important to live a healthy life before your pregnancy.
  • It is best to start taking folic acid tablets before you are pregnant?
  • Is it good to prepare well for a consultation with a desire to have children? Also for us. Please fill in the questionnaire on zwangerWijzer: ZwangerWijzer

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