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Vitality ultrasound

We offer everyone an 8-week vitality ultrasound at their own practice. This is not reimbursed by the health insurance, but you will receive it from us. This way you can see your baby around 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Termine ultrasound
The official due date is known on the basis of this ultrasound. The ultrasound is made between 9 and 14 weeks at the most.

Combination test and 20 week ultrasound (SEO)
The combination test is a screening ultrasound at around 12 weeks, during which your blood is examined and the baby's neck fold is measured. From this follows a probability calculation that shows the probability of Down syndrome. You cannot be sure with this test. Whether or not you want to have this test done is your own choice. The costs associated with the combination test are not reimbursed as standard by your health insurance.
The 20-week ultrasound (SEO) is a screening ultrasound around 20 weeks. This involves research into physical abnormalities and the development of the organs of your child. It is also checked whether your child is growing well and whether there is sufficient amniotic fluid. If you want to know the gender, you can check this during the 20-week ultrasound. The 20-week ultrasound is reimbursed by your health insurance.
Zowel de combinatietest als de 20 weken echo worden niet op onze praktijk gedaan, daarom verwijzen we je hiervoor door.

Location ultrasound
We offer a location ultrasound at our practice around 36 weeks. It is checked whether your child is lying with its head down. Do not expect to see your child very clearly during a location ultrasound, with that period it is usually not very good to visualize everything in its entirety.

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