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Birth Registration

Your child must be registered in the municipality where he or she was born within 3 days after birth. Nowadays this can often be done online. Does the three-day period end on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday? Then you will have one day longer to register the birth.

Who can register the birth?
Who can register a birth? That's the mate. As a mother you can register your birth, but you do not have to. What if you and your partner are unable to register a birth? Then someone who was present at the birth must register the birth. If this also fails, the owner of the house in which the child was born or an employee of the institution where the child was born (for example the hospital) can register the birth.

Documents to take with you
First of all, bring your valid ID with you. Usually the midwife or a nurse from the hospital issues a birth certificate. You can take this with you to the tax return, although this is not an obligation. If you are married and you would like to have your child added to your marriage booklet, please bring the marriage booklet with you to the appointment.

Recognition and surname
Has recognition or choice of the surname been arranged before the birth of your child? In that case, the deed must be taken with you in order to be able to file a report.

Online birth registration
Birth registration can now be done online in many municipalities. You can arrange this via the municipality's website with your DigiD. You need a birth certificate for this. You will receive this from us or via the clinical obstetrician/nurse of the hospital. You can upload this together with any deed of recognition. Unfortunately, it is not possible to register online in the marriage certificate.

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