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We aim to have the intake interview take place around 8 weeks of pregnancy.
Het intake gesprek plannen 60 minuten tijd voor je in. Dit is 15 minuten meer dan de gebruikelijke 45 minuten. We gaan in op jouw gezondheid en die van je partner. Daarnaast komt ook de gezondheid van jullie families aan bod. Zo kunnen we aan de hand van de intake bekijken welke zorg het meest passend is. Zo komen we namelijk te weten of je in aanmerking komt voor extra onderzoeken. 

In addition to discussing your health, we also provide information if you need it. This can be about what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy, not being allowed to change the litter box, the examinations during the pregnancy and so on. 

Topics covered in this conversation:

  • Current pregnancy status (How far pregnant are you now? When was the last time you had your period and had a regular cycle? Did you use any form of birth control? And when did you stop using it?)
  • Course of any previous pregnancy(s) (miscarriages and abortion are also included in this)
  • Medication use
  • Have you ever had surgery?
  • What (serious) illnesses have you had
  • Congenital and/or hereditary disorders also in your immediate family 
  • Of je informatie wilt krijgen over onderzoeken op Downsyndroom, Edwardssyndroom en Patausyndroom (NIPT) en de 13 en 20 weken echo. Vooraf aan de intake kan je al kijken op We also send this link with the confirmation of the intake appointment. 

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