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Maternity period

After the delivery, the care for you and your baby does not stop immediately. We will come to your home every other day until a week after your delivery. If you give birth in the hospital under the direction of the gynecologist, we will come to see your home the day after you have gone home.
We work very closely with the maternity nurse during your maternity period. The maternity nurse will perform general checks on you and your child to see if everything is going normally. If she notices details, she will inform us. We will then look, together with you and the maternity nurse, what we can do best to get everything back to normal. We also give you tips and advice for a smooth recovery.
We close the maternity period after a week. If you wish, you will come to us for a follow-up check-up around 6 weeks after your delivery. Even if you don't see us after the maternity period, you can always call us with questions about yourself or your child. After the maternity week, your doctor and the consultation office will be your points of contact.

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