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At home or hospital

For a healthy pregnant woman, giving birth at home is in principle just as safe as outpatient (in the hospital for no medical reason). We think it is especially important that you choose the place where you feel most comfortable. During pregnancy we will return extensively to the place of delivery. We assist outpatient deliveries in Tergooi Blaricum, the Birth House (Diakonessenhuis) Utrecht or the Meander in Amersfoort.

Medical Indication
If there are no special details, you can give birth at home, but if you prefer this, you can also give birth in hospital under our supervision. Sometimes you have a medical indication. You must then give birth in hospital. It could be because you lost too much blood in a previous delivery or you had a caesarean section. You already know this or we will tell you during pregnancy.

Even if you would like to give birth in hospital, make sure you are prepared for a home birth. After all, a birth can sometimes go so quickly that we choose to stay at home. So have your bed on bobbins and have a maternity package at home. Furthermore, we have everything with us to be able to properly supervise a home birth. We have our own TENS that you can use during your delivery. And… we now have a birthing pool. We can take these with us if you wish. Want to know more about this? Then ask about it during your check!

Conversely, it is also wise to prepare for a possible birth in the hospital. Even if you would like to give birth at home. It may be that there is a reason to go to the hospital during the delivery. Then it's nice that all we have to do is grab your hospital bag and go. This saves time outside having to prepare your hospital bag.  


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