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Follow-up checks

These checks are there to check how the pregnancy is progressing and whether there are any questions. In case of specifics, we sometimes refer to a gynecologist for advice or hand over the care. These checks take less than the intake, about 15 minutes. During this check we always measure your blood pressure, check the uterus (growth and size) and determine the position of the baby.

Blood test
At the second check-up and no later than around 30 weeks of pregnancy, you will receive a blood test form. During the first check, this is to determine your blood group, Rhesus factor, iron level (Hb) and blood sugar and whether you have ever had Hepatitis B or syphilis. Since 1 January 2004, an HIV test has also been performed on all pregnant women. At 30 weeks we determine the Hb and the blood sugar again. Blood tests will sometimes be performed more often for individual reasons.

Pregnancy statement
Most employers require a so-called pregnancy statement, stating your due date. It is a small effort for us to print this out. So feel free to ask about it during one of the checks.

Pregnancy Card
In the course of your pregnancy you will receive a computer printout from us containing all the information we have collected about you up to that point. This is the pregnancy card. You can always ask your questions and / or tell complaints, which we will answer and / or explain. Do you want to make an appointment for the consultation hour? Then call 06-50657111 or 035-6214493 on workdays between 9:00 and 12:00.

Wil je een afspraak maken voor het spreekuur bij onze verloskundigen praktijk in Hilversum? Bel dan op werkdagen tussen 9.00 en 12.00 met 06-50657111 of 035-6214493.

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