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During the pregnancy:

When you are married
If you are married or have a registered partnership, you do not have to arrange recognition/parental authority and your child will automatically receive the surname of your partner. Are you married or do you have a registered partnership and do you want your child to have the mother's last name? In that case, this must be recorded at the registry office before or during the birth registration. You can only choose the surname of your child together with your first child. 

If you are not married and do not have a registered partnership and do not intend to do so, it is important that the father acknowledges the child. By arranging for recognition, you legally assume parenthood. Recognition can already be arranged during the pregnancy. Then it is officially called “Recognition of the unborn fruit”. Recognition can also be arranged when registering the birth or afterwards, provided that there are not yet 2 parents in the birth certificate.

You do not have to be the biological parent to recognize a child. Consider, for example, a relationship between two women. Recognition during pregnancy has the advantage that, legally speaking, your child immediately has 2 parents. At the acknowledgment you can choose the last name of your child. This is only possible if it is your first child together. As a (future) mother you have to go to the municipality for this. All other children you have with your partner will have the same last name. If your partner only goes to the municipality to arrange recognition, he/she will need written permission from you to be able to arrange the recognition. 

Parental authority
If you are not married or you do not have a registered partnership, you do not automatically have parental authority as a partner. Only the mother then automatically has the authority. Do you want to have authority together? Then you can submit a request for joint custody to the court. The condition is that as a partner you have acknowledged your child. You can (often) arrange the application for parental authority digitally. 


Maternity care
If possible, try to arrange your maternity care at agency "de Waarden" or "Het Kraamcentrum" in Bunschoten / Spakenburg. We generally have the best experiences with these agencies.
If you arrange maternity care at one of these two agencies and you give birth at home or in the hospital under our supervision, the maternity assistant will assist us with the delivery. If you have arranged maternity care at another agency, no problem, the hospital nurse will assist us with a delivery in the hospital and the maternity assistant with a home birth.

Around the birth

Maternity package
Wherever you are going to give birth, you need a maternity package in your maternity bed. You usually get this from your insurer. Isn't that so? Then you can buy ready-made maternity packages at various stores. A maternity package must in any case contain the following:

  • About 8 cellulose mats
  • Sterile gauze pads (two packs)
  • belly button clamp
  • Alcohol to disinfect
  • Cotton wool
  • Maternity bandage

It is also useful to have a tarp to put on your mattress when your due date is approaching, in case your waters break. This cover prevents your mattress from getting wet.

Put your bed on bobbins before the birth, even if you want to give birth in an outpatient setting. Can't bobbin the bed? Empty crates can also serve as bed raisers. Another alternative is to rent a bed at the Vegro.

Living situation
If you want to give birth at home, make sure that the place where you are going to give birth is easily accessible. In case of complications, you may still have to be transported to the hospital quickly and that the paramedics have to transport you from the room to the ambulance. We therefore recommend that you do not give birth in a room that can only be reached by means of a (steep) staircase or a spiral staircase, but as much as possible in a room on the ground floor. If this room does not contain a bed, you can also rent a bed at the Vegro. If in doubt about your living situation, ask us during the consultation hour what is a sensible thing to do.

Hospital bag

Even if you want to give birth on an outpatient basis, from 37 weeks on, prepare a hospital bag containing:

  • A birth shirt (including a spare shirt)
  • Warm socks
  • Clean clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Bathrobe
  • Two sets of baby clothes (hat, romper, suit, jacket, blanket)
  • Camera (rolls / memory sticks / batteries!)
  • Punch card, insurance card and pregnancy card

You do not have to bring diapers and maternity pads, you will receive them in the hospital.

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