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Pregnancy is a unique and exciting time in your life. A lot is changing for you. That's why we think this deserves the attention and care that is needed for you. What this will look like exactly is different for everyone, because no one is the same.

Check-ups and ultrasounds
During your pregnancy you will come to us for a check-up several times. During the intake, the first check that will take 60minutes, we ask a number of questions to see if there are specific points for attention for your pregnancy. We also explain a large number of things, for example about tests that you can have during pregnancy (think of the combination test and 20-week ultrasound). In addition to checks, ultrasounds are also made. This includes the term echo and location echo.

You may still have questions or worry about something in between the checks. In case of urgent matters, you can always call us on the emergency line. You can ask questions that are not urgent during the telephone consultation hour.

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